Macao Light Festival 2021
Location : 澳門南灣湖景大馬路
Date & Time 2021-12-04 to 2022-01-02
Active site:Nam Van Lake Nautical Centre、Anim’Arte NAM VAN、Macao Science Center Waterfront
Macao Light Festival 2021 is themed as “Travellers from Mars”. The storyline is based on friends from Mars who plans to travel to Macao and connects a series of elements related to tourism, culture and creative, science, leisure, gastronomy, environmental protection, recreation and sports, nature, and the universe. It is presented in a humorous approach bringing joy and positivity to audience while highlighting the image of Macao as a safe travel destination.

PROGRAM: Light Installations、Interactive Games、Projection Mapping.

Event Date: December 4, 2021 to January 2, 2022