The 10th Design for Change Macau Challenge
Location : 澳門提督馬路55號永寶閣1樓B座
Date & Time 2021-01-25 to 2021-04-15
Telephone numbers:+853 6231 9651
Active site:Macau is organized by Sung San Cultural Association
Children and youth from over 70 countries and regions finish the 4 steps of DFC Challenge (Discover the problem -> Design the creative solution ->Implement the ideas -> Share the result) and they change the world. Participants need to submit the report, presentation file or video to show the details of how they finished the 4 steps. The outstanding participants can represent Macau to join the world biggest exchange activity for children and youth.

Form:An individual unit or a group with at most 5 members, with 1 or 2 adults as mentor and coordinator.

1. Feel - Explore potential problems around you. Choose the problem that you want to solve most as your topic of DFC Challenge.
2. Imagine - Figure out creative ways to solve or improve this problem.
3. Do - Implement the selected idea with the necessary resources (Action between 1 Oct 2020 and the date of the submission deadline of the 10th DFC Challenge).
4. Share - Share your story with others to inspire more people to support you and make change.

1. All submissions should be in Chinese or English.
2. Title of the story, name of the team and descriptions about the four steps should be stated clearly in all submissions.
3. The whole process (including all 4 steps) must be recorded in the submissions. Photos, videos, audios and text records are allowed.
4. All submissions should be presented as video (about 3 to 5 minutes, format: mp4), PowerPoint presentation (with photos and text, format: ppt or pptx) or report (with photos and text, format: doc, docx or pdf).

Target:Macao residents aged from 6 to 17 (including the permanent and non-permanent)
Deadline of Application
15 April 2021
Deadline of Submission
30 April 2021
Winners Announcement
Will be informed in June 2021
10th DFC Creativity Sharing Activity:
In July 2021. Details will be announced later.
Special Experience:
In July 2021. Details will be announced later.