"One Plus One - Macau and Overseas Artists Exchange Exhibition : Island"
Location : 澳門羅理基博士大馬路265號藝術花園一樓
Date & Time 2020-12-29 to 2021-01-27
Telephone numbers:+853 2836 6064
Active site:AFA Macau
"One Plus One" is an Art in Residence and Cultural Exchange programme, it aims to strengthen the creative and artistic exchanges between Macau and overseas artists, and expand the local and overseas art exchange platform. Every two years, AFA selects a representative artist from Macau and the other one from overseas, cooperating with overseas art institutes from mainland, Hong Kong or abroad to organize this joint exhibition. The selected two artists will conduct residency artistic creations, and then a joint exhibition for the two artists will be held in the local gallery. For the next year, this two selected artists will conduct this programme in Macau. This time, Leong Fei In is representing artist from AFA, and Zhang Xinjun is artist representing Beijing. Through this project, AFA hopes bring more external stimulus to Macau artists, providing them an opportunity to get experience from outside of Macau, and obtaining the creative experience on a widening art scene.

Opening hours:11:00 - 19:00 from Mondays to Saturdays (Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays)
Exhibition Opening: 12.28 18:30