Hotel Okura - Nagomi
Chinese Bento Set at Nagomi
Address : 澳門路氹蓮花海濱大馬路澳門大倉酒店地下G119
Telephone number:88835116
Enjoy exquisite Chinese bento set with Japanese lounge experience at Nagomi. Among the abundant selection of main dishes are Black truffle and conpoy fried rice with egg white, Braised e-fu noodles with diced abalone and loofah and Roasted crispy pork belly rice in Macanese Style. More dim sum and barbequed items are available on the a la carte menu.

Chinese bento at MOP 188 per set
A la carte dim sum from MOP 40
Available Period: 12:00 – 17:00
Location: Hotel Okura Macau, G/F Lobby
Enquiries/Reservations: +853 8883 5116 /