Galaxy Macau - CHA BEI
CHA BEI Autumn Vegetarian Menu
Address : 澳門路氹城「澳門銀河™」綜合渡假城1樓1047號舖
Telephone number:88832221
Curious about a plant based lifestyle? Celebrate World Vegetarian Month at CHA BEI with comfort choices that are so delicious and satisfying that you won’t miss the meat. Just to name a few, our Impossible Pork Moussaka is a vegetarian spin on a classic Greek festive dish. Luscious layers of autumnal vegetables are topped with a hearty Impossible meat pork ragu, creamy béchamel, a generous sprinkling of parmesan cheese and baked to golden perfection. One of our vegan recommendations, Baked Celeriac with Sautéed Quinoa and Spinach, all the trimmings are fully utilized to showcase the flavor and texture of the nutritious autumn vegetable. The skin is fried to a crisp while trimmings of the flesh are used in the creamy sauce.

Price: From MOP 88
Opening Time: Tues – Sun: 11:00 – 18:00 (closed on Monday)
Location: Galaxy Macau, 1/F, 1047
Reservation/Inquiries: +853 8883 2221